Branding 101 Workshop - September 15th -10am - 12pm

$ 59.99
Branding 101 Workshop - September 15th -10am - 12pm

Are you starting a business or have a business but haven't locked down how to market yourself? 

Well, we have a course just for you! We've had a few requests to teach an Insta + branding course.

In this 2 hour course you will learn how to:

1. Create your marketing tools

2. Creating a theme and picking the correct theme that fits your brand. 

3. Logos and Icons for your brand. 

4. What apps and tools to use to create the marketing tools for you. 

5. How to use these tools to create  systematic branding to use throughout your brand. 

6. Insta 101 - Social media is big, and your branding should be cohesive on and off social media. 

7. Where to print? Need a printer to create the best look and most affordable rates. For business cards , post cards to actual branded banners. 

We have a lot to cover, so join us for a morning full of useful information that will help turn your business into a full on brand! 

- Location State Line and Friends Shop

800 Town and Country Blvd. Suite 170

- Time 10am - 12pm

- Date : Sept. 15th

 This is a 2 hour - Insta crash course and we will cover the following: 

1. How to create the perfect bio. 
2. How to find your target audience 
3. How to make your audience ENGAGE!
4. Is there a right way to #Hashtag! Yes, and we know the secret ! 
5. How to create content and stand out in the crowd! 
6. Don't have time to post? Lets talk scheduling to make your life easier!
7. Edits! Ever wonder why some accounts look so perfect? Well, its all about the edit! 

Please bring a pen and paper and be ready to step your INSTA game up! Have questions, email me at

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